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Sigma Méditerranée is both, young in its approach as we continuously develop new products using new technologies with our high-end expertise, and also mature thank to our 20 years experience. This duality allows us, first of all, to adapt to the fast evolution of our society, then, to constantly explore new fields of interests and finally to be on the market where no one expects us. One of our strenghs is our framework's technology allowing us easy customisation to our client's specific requirements.

That is how, our Research & Development (R&D) department is very proud to launch Geranimaux2®, a real innovation on the market of the solution for the management of lab animal's  facilities. With 17 years' experience in the industry and the expertise of David Lucchese, Project's Manager, Geranimaux 2® offers a wide range of solutions suitable to animal's facilities Managers, Researchers and Ethical Committees in respect to the Directive 2010/63 of the European Parliament.

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The Resadia Group is the first to put in place convergent IP solutions, with a network of 36 Small and Medium sized Entreprises in France, and to provide a personalised service to its clients : from analysing the requirements to the Hotline, from the definition of the specific solutions to the installation "keys in hand".  Its expertise intervenes in the Telecommunications, Data Processing, Security, Office solutions and Video ensuring a whole managed service adapted to your needs and usage. With an innovative and unexpected structure on the market, Resadia uses the convergence of the different trades and offers a gobal offer of solutions IP.

Amongst its clients, from the very small entities to large firms, the Resadia Group brings both the strenght and the reactivity of a national group and the involvement of  a regional structure
 A unique strenght in the market of the solution of the management of lab animals' facilities.
ZA de l'Arnouze, rue Claude Chappe - 11000 - CARCASSONNE - Téléphone : 0468115900 - Fax : 0468713774 - contact@geranimaux.com